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Recent Penetrex User Reviews & Feedback

It has been a source of immense pride to the medical professionals involved in the development of Penetrex that this promising new treatment for inflammation has provided relief to sufferers worldwide.

Below are a few recent reviews & some feedback received from individuals who have used Penetrex and graciously taken the time to report back with their impressions. To ensure our clients' privacy, we have initialized last names.

"...Penetrex cream does exactly what it says it can do. I did my research in trying to find anything that can help me with my foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis).

I tried several products including Penetrex and found that the Penetrex cream healed my foot pain and allow me to continue playing my favorite sport, Basketball!

I found other products that are less expensive, but I found that you get what you pay for.

P.S. 1st time writing a review on anything and I don't work for Penetrex (in case you were wondering) - LOL!..."

Javier T. - Hacienda Heights, California, USA


"...My husband is a bundle of different injuries/health issues. He used to live on alternating doses of Tylenol and Advil, throughout the day.

Now we have found something to work right at the source of pain, without killing his kidneys or liver.

Mostly it is his back and knees that hurt, and Penetrex really helps. We tried Biofreeze, and while that was pretty good, Penetrex is better.

I wish this stuff were cheaper, because now he doesn't want us to ever run out. My teen-age daughter used it the last time a workout was a little too enthusiastic, and I was glad we had it on hand..."

"Crossed Crowns"


"...Works for my husband's plantar fasciitis pain which was mostly cured by the Heel That Pain heel seats.

He still has some pain after a very long day on his feet and he will take his shower and then apply the Penetrex. The pain will go away quickly and the effects will last most of the evening.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it is very expensive for such a small jar..."



"...I searched high and low on Amazon for relief to my pain. I found it. (O:

Penetrex truly works. I've tried it all to find relief for my achy, creaky knees, stiff elbows, carpal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis. Yeah, when you get older everything hurts. )o:

I've tried it all-creams, ointments, vitamins, drinks. All offering help. None did.

Till now. Penetrex truly helped. I love it. I've even given my twin sister a bottle to help with a stiff wrist and thumb gotten from years of crocheting. It helped her as well.

The fragrance is mild, clean and fresh. I felt an immediate warming sensation. Nothing scary. My knees started feeling better almost right away. The stiffness and creaking have all but disappeared. I can walk up and down the stairs without pain and that annoying embarrassing creaking.

I've just finished ordering my third bottle. Okay, one I gave my sister, but it still counts. (O: I wish I'd found Penetrex a long time ago. It would have saved me hundreds of dollars and I would have found relief all that much sooner.

I could have used it to buy more Penetrex and not products that didn't work and offered no relief whatsoever.

Five stars and my undying gratitude for coming up for such a great, great product. Thank you!!!!..."

Diana R. - El Paso, Texas, USA


"...I am a massage therapist and i have fibromyalgia. I have horribly sore wrists and i was getting desperate to find something that would help.

I just purchased the penetrex last week and i have been using it according to the directions of use.

So far it is very helpful. I am not 100% healed of the pain but i would say i'm feeling 75% better. I will recommend this to everyone..."

Elizabeth U. - Riverside, California, USA


"...I have been using Penetrex for 3 months now for my plantar fasciitis and it has greatly reduced the pain.

I don't usually write reviews but if something works well like Penetrex does it's worth the time to let others know.

Give it a try, you have to use it at least twice a day for a couple of days before feeling relief.

Hopefully they do not stop selling Penetrex because i don't know what i would do without it. Thank you Penetrex!..."

Robert L. - Everett, Washington, USA


"...This is the most effective pain relief cream I have ever used -- and I have used MANY!!! I have had severe arthritis pain (RA and Osteoarthritis) since 1996 and cannot take medications due to the side effects.

I am constantly searching for something natural to use. Some things have worked minimally, and some worked for a while, but then are of no effect. This product WORKS - short and long-term.

I started to notice the difference at about day three. I applied it to only one leg...hip to knee. I began to notice that if I applied only a thin coat, but more often --- 3-6 times a day -- I noticed even more reduction in pain.

My pain level went from about a level 10 (with "1" being the least amount of pain, and "10" being the most amount of pain) to about a 4 or 4.5 level of pain. This product was a gift from God.

I notice as I continue to use it, the area is healing -- not just pain relief, actual healing to the point that I have a greater range of motion.

This is not an overnight is slow, but the progress is, for me, incredible. I shared some with some friends of mine...a man who has suffered with Neuropathy for several years now. He used it only one time, and the pain started to subside.

The other person I shared it with had an injury to her shoulder and elbow due to a fall. She applies it only at night (she states she is too busy to apply it anymore that once a day) and in the morning her arm is no longer stiff and in pain...even all they way down to her thumb which she was starting to have pain in.

They also both commented that it doesn't have a strong scent that most topical pain relievers have. It also is not seems to soak in to the skin within a few minutes. Yes, I agree with some of the other comments, it does make your skin very soft too.

This company ships quickly, and I have called a few times over the last few weeks, and their customer service was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

If you are in pain, this product is worth a try...and if you are like me... after you try it, you'll never want to be without it...."

Melinda J. - Carbon, Texas, USA


"...Had been ordering Penetrex largely for the use of seniors in our household, who have hugely benefitted from its regular use.

Not only is the cream fast-acting, but, surprisingly, healing even stubborn arthritis and old injuries.

A great product that does what it says and addresses a variety of conditions. Moreover, Biomax shipped the product quickly and with great care. Overall, highly recommended..."

"Mount Shasta"


"...Fast Shipping and product seems to be working AAAAAAA+++++++++..."

Scott N. - Corry, Pennsylvania, USA


"...very fast shipment. Cream is very effective!..."

Andy S. - Singapore


"...Awesome Seller~Great Item That Was Shipped Quickly~ Thank You!..."

Viorel C. - Riverside, California, USA


"...Penetrex is a real blessing. Ten months ago I had knee surgery that left my right leg crooked and painful. An extra five weeks of painful physical therapy helped but couldn't fix the misalignment of the prosthesis.

Since the doctor that created the problem continued to claim everything was normal, I had to choose between finding another doctor and submitting to more surgery or learning to live with the pain and disability.

This experience made me paranoid about orthopedic surgeons. Until I find one I can trust, I have chosen to learn to live with the pain.

Penetrex makes that possible. The physical therapist gave me sample of a pain relieving gel but it wasn't effective and besides that it smelled awful. Penetrex works and it has no obnoxious odor..."

Janet K. - Mountain View, Arkansas, USA


"...When I developed daily pain in my elbow and wrist, I was baffled. After all, I am not sports-oriented, so "tennis elbow" did not even occur to me.

I make glass and gemstone Rosaries by hand...and had developed "Rosary Elbow!" I cannot take oral anti-inflammatory medications, and so was at a loss as to what to do. Browsing Amazon, I found Penetrex. And wow...I am SO glad I jumped out and ordered a jar!

I have to admit, I was both skeptical and concerned. I have sensitive granny-skin, and topical creams/ointments usually cause extra problems rather than solve them. Not Penetrex!

I followed their directions completely, applying this non-greasy light cream at least 4 times per day, being careful to apply at least 30 minutes before sitting down at the workbench in my studio.

At first, I did not feel that there was immediate improvement, but this treatment deserved a chance...and so I continued. Like any good therapy, results are incremental but positive.

Each day, pain lessened and mobility improved. Now, I apply in the mornings and at night, and have little if any pain or discomfort. As an added plus, Penetrex cream has a very pleasant aroma, and even provides moisturizing effects.

I have to say that, for me, this made the difference in being able to continue to do an activity that I love. I will most certainly purchase this again, and I have recommended it to all my friends.

So thank you, developers of Penetrex. Your product WORKS!!..."

Emily H. - Marion, Illinois, USA


"...I purchased the creme for my parents who are avid golfers. As they've gotten older little shoulder aches and tennis elbow seem to linger longer.

I've tried getting other help aides for them and seem to be onto something with the penetrex. They say they feel like it's working and asked me to get them another jar.

5 stars for bringing a smile on their faces and allowing them to play their favorite game with less pain. I'm hoping it continues to work. Thanks..."

Kevin N. - Los Angeles, California, USA


"...I have suffered from some severe joint pains in my fingers for months. My fingers would become numb and stiff, at times I couldn't even hold any objects in my right hand.

At the same time, my husband is suffering from tennis elbow. I searched the Internet and found this Penetrex cream. I started applying the cream on my middle finger (just testing), I noticed the stiffness gradually disappeared and the pain was not as severe as before.

My husband also started using it before and after he played tennis. We both noticed some differences with the joint and muscle pain. I like it so much that I ordered one for my mother-in-law who has been suffering from arthritis with her hands.

I warned her to be patient and reminded her to apply the cream daily. Hopefully, it will work for her..."



"...I had to stop playing tennis multiple times over the years simply because I could not completely get rid of my tennis elbow.

At one point I had physical therapy, stretching routines, etc. that made a dent but certainly did not eliminate it enough even to return to playing.

I own arm bands, grip balls, you name it...BUT, I read about this stuff Penetrex and thought it looked worth the effort.

First, it works really well. Second, it actually smells pretty good (not at all like nasty menthol style creams)Third, it rubs in without being greasy so you can still use arms bands and such over top if you wish.

I've already bought this multiple times and I highly recommend it. I'm starting to use it for some other types of strains and injuries for my family and so far it looks good for those as well..."

Robert D. - El Dorado Hills, California, USA


"...At the end of last summer, I developed achilles tendonitis by trying the whole minimalist running thing. I was warned that running in shoes with a small heel-to-toe drop would cause problems with my achilles tendon, and that's exactly what happened.

I stopped running but continued playing tennis, with the hope that it would go away over the winter. It didn't. When the weather started to break, I got anxious to run again, but the tendonitis really made it impossible.

I ended up at a massage therapist, who told me that I had a bunch of scar tissue around the tendon, and she proceeded to try to work it out. Probably the 30 most painful minutes of my life.

The next day the tendon was looser, but extremely inflamed from all the rigorous massage. I tried oral anti-inflammatories, but they didn't help. I ended up with a jar of Penetrex, and it has made a world of difference.

After two weeks, the inflammation is almost gone, and I'm actually able to go out and run for the first time in over 8 months. One word of caution, though: use it as directed.

Apply it every day, 3 to 4 times per day, for 7 to 10 days. My own feeling is that the continuous application, over time, has been what's made the difference for me..."

David B. - Granville, Ohio, USA


"...I started lifting weights recently and started to experience intense forearm pain. I work at a computer during the day, so the pain was with me all day as I typed at my desk.

I read all the positive reviews for this product and gave it a try. I'm so glad I did, because shortly after trying it, the pain immediately got better.

After the first few days, I had to remind myself that what I was doing with ease now was very painful just a short time ago. It has made such a difference in the quality of my life. I swear by it now. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed...."

John C. - Portland, Maine, USA


"...Purchased for person with lupus and it has helped her! Great Seller & Product!!!..."

Ryan V. - Aurora, Colorado, USA



"...good product , fast shipping , I will be ordering more..."

Ernest B. - Manassas, Virginia, USA


"...I have had elbow tendonitis for the last year and have endured tremendous pain, could not even pick up a coffee cup without severe pain.

I was only weeks away from scheduling surgery. I had tried nearly everything I could think of to relieve my pain including anti-inflammatories and two separate cortizone shots, and in a last ditch effort before surgery I had decided to try Penetrex.

I had seen this product on Amazon a very months earlier, but thought it was probably like everything else I had used and thought it probably was a waste of money. But I wanted to try one more thing before surgery, so I ordered a jar of Penetrex, not really having high expectations that it would help.

I followed the instructions listed on the label, I started noticing less and less pain in my elbow. Now I do anything I want without fear of further damage to my elbow or the pain.

I have been doing strenuous yard work, picking up firewood and lifting any weight I could previously handle before I injured my elbow.

Six weeks later, my arm may feel a little sore from time to time, but I apply a little Penetrex in the evening and I'm good to go the next morning. I don't have to worry about surgery because of this product.

I have ordered more Penetrex to give to my elderly mother for her arthritis, says it helps her as along as she can remember to use it. I am a walking advertisement for this product. Love it!!!!!..."



"...I'd like to thank Penetrex and my health-conscious nephew for the gift that does wonders for my arthritic fingers.

I keep the neat-looking jar on a table by my recliner and apply it several times a day. It smells nice and quickly penetrates the skin, leaving no traces behind, as it quickly relieves the pain. You CAN teach an old (female) dog new tricks!..."

William C. - Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA


"...My father had been experiencing pain with tennis elbow for a few weeks. I suggested that he try Penetrex and he began feeling significantly less pain within a week or so of using the product. I had ordered one jar from Amazon to test the product and just ordered several more jars!..."

Patra C. - College Park, Maryland, USA


"...Great product! Fast shipping! Will buy again!..."

Elena S. - Vancouver, Washington, USA


"...I rarely if ever write a review like this, but in this case i thought it was important to share my experience for the benefit of others...i am over 50, highly active, and i developed tendonitis in my arm next to my elbow.

Nothing that i tried seemed to work--from tylenol to chiro to accupuncture to complete rest etc, etc. i then did more online research and read about Penetrex.

I was willing to try anything (6months had passed with no improvement) My order came very fast and it worked immediately. At first i thought it must be a fluke, but it has done everything that was claimed.

I then applied it to my foot because of plantar fasciitis which has bothered me for over a year-(runner's injury from overuse..i had been taping my arch and using shoe inserts and resting the foot for nearly a year) All back to tape and normal activity again--TOTALLY AMAZING!!..."

Kurt  B. - Boise, Idaho, USA


"...I have tried numerous products for my painful, annoying carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist and was about to have the surgery. Then I found Penetrex on Amazon and ordered a jar.

By just rubbing a small amount onto my wrist, I feel nearly immediate relief and now after about two months of use, the pain is just about gone and I no longer am considering the surgery.

I also use it occasionally on my shins and ankles for joint relief. I would highly recommend this product..."

Jane B. - Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA


"...This product has completely healed my tennis elbow and for so cheap!!! This jar lasts about 6 months with continuous use and is well worth the money!! It's a lifesaver!!!!..."



"...Having suffered from Plantar faciiatis since 2005 and then some hip bursitis developing recently when trying to get back to running after knee surgery, I was determined to do whatever it takes to recover gradually but FULLY for once - and approaching mid 40's its not getting any easier!

So - i found and tried penetrex 6 weeks ago, and have seen MAJOR improvements in the plantar and hip. While I have also continued with other regiments such as alternating ice/heat, and rolling tight calves instead of stretching them, I attribute much of the healing to Penetrex.

It even seems to have helped my hip. So - despite being the cheap skate that I am, I ordered another couple of tubs.... I have sights set on Boston, and plan to be using Penetrex for the next few motnhs if needed to get me fully healed.

Great product - I've tried a lot in 6 years, and I really think this stuff works!..."

Richard S. - Hollywood, Florida, USA


"...Throughout the years I have tried several products making statements as Penetrex. Much to my surprise it has helped my tennis elbow, arthritis in my wrist and fingers.

Also, I have a torn rotator cuff, even though I religiously stretch everyday, before I play tennis and after I play I still have pain and Penetrex has helped me immensely.

One of my friends got hurt on the court and I massaged Penetrex into the pulled thigh and she was so impressed. " Where can I buy that product".

After a few months of using Penetrex I have started to promote the product, I had to believe in the product first before I could tell any of my friends. Like they say "Try it you'll like it".

You don't have to be a tennis player to use it. THANK YOU PENETREX, I only wish it was less costly, but you pay for what you get; and you get a worthwhile product..."

Pearl W. - Hollywood, Florida, USA


"...This is a most amazing product and does exactly what it promises. The best of all it is natural, does not irritate skin and has a pleasant odor.

I am nearly free of shoulder pain after about 2 1/2 weeks of usage. It was so bad that lying in bed was a problem, as well as lifting the arm.

Delivery was prompt and they also deliver to other countries that do not have this product for sale. So far I am thrilled and have recommended it to many friends & acquaintances..."

Christa E. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I recently began using Penetrex three months ago for plantar fasciitis, and I am so pleased.

I was going regularly to a podiatrist and then for PT to help with this, and I was slowly improving. Once I started using Penetrex, very quickly my plantar fasciitis started going away.

My PT and podiatrist seemed surprised that pushing in on my heel was not hurting anymore, whereas I would previously winced in pain when they did that. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was a cream that I was using.

I consider this cream to be "liquid gold", I am truly amazed at how well it helps. Now, I even use it if I have some back pain, and I use it to help with swelling in my fingers (to help get my wedding and engagement ring on).

This works better than anything for me to help put my rings on and off my fingers if they are a little swollen for various reasons.

I recommended this cream to my mother who also has plantar fasciitis, and she said that it is starting to work for her too. I tried so many things for my plantar fasciitis, and this was the thing that helped the quickest.

I am so happy with this product, and would definitely recommend it to anybody..."

Cindy A. - Northport, New York, USA


"...I've had low back pain for 30 years and have swallowed a truckload of Motrin/Ibuprofen over the years.

I started using Penetrex about ten days ago and I am impressed with the results. The cream is concentrated and a little goes a long way.

It has a subtle minty aroma that no one else seems to notice. It absorbs well, but gives you time to massage it in for a minute or two.

My back pain hasn't miraculously vanished overnight, but I really do think Penetrex is reducing my pain and stiffness. My Motrin use is down by 75%.

My wife has started using it on her upper back with positive results as well. She just left on a 2 month trip and I made sure she had an extra jar to last her until she gets back.

Do yourself a favor and give this stuff a try. I'm glad I did!..."

Todd W. - Vacaville, California, USA


"...Tennis is my favorite past time. Several years ago, I developed tennis elbow. It was so severe that I could not even lift a cup. It took me out of the game for a year and a half because I was unable to serve the ball without great pain.

I finally returned to the game two years ago. Almost immediately I began to feel the onset of tennis elbow. I immediately took some precautionary methods: changing the tension of my string, reducing the size of my grip, wearing a tennis brace, and applying ice to my elbow every morning.

I discovered Penetrex by reading reviews on Amazon. I love this product. I apply it to my elbow before every match and feel absolutely no pain. It is greaseless, odorless, and takes a very small amount.

I wear contacts and was so pleased to discover that I could simply wash my hands after applying and it did not leave any trace of my fingers.

I have recommended Penetrex to many of my tennis friends and they all love it too!..."

Barbara G. - Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA


"...I used this about three times a day. It does seem to take a little while to "take hold."

Once it does, it is a big help on eliminating the soreness associated with golfer's elbow. I continue to use it and have and will buy more for all those aches and pains of daily life..."

Steve L. - Fairfield, California, USA


"...I used this about three times a day. It does seem to take a little while to "take hold."

Once it does, it is a big help on eliminating the soreness associated with golfer's elbow. I continue to use it and have and will buy more for all those aches and pains of daily life..."

Steve L. - Fairfield, California, USA


"...I've had severe tendonitis for several months- mostly on right hand wrist arm and elbow.

This product has significantly helped me with my problem. It helped to decrease inflammation and pain and improve movement in my wrist.

I'm currently using it 2 x day- I also take other supplements. My tendonitis is very severe, but it's slowly improving and I'll definitely keep using penetrex..."

Conrado C. - San Jose, California, USA


"...I am a general surgeon who has undergone bilateral arthroscopic knee surgery with torn cartilage removal.

Post operatively I have continued to have significant pain with ambulation felt to be patellar tendonitis and bursitis and not recurrent intraarticlar problems based on repeat MRI.

I have tried every topical remedy available including equestrian products. To this date Penetrex has given the best relief of all products..."

Mark M. - Russellville, Arkansas, USA


"...I have had tendinitis for around ten years. I do yoga, supplements, ice-packs, massage, the occasional NSAID, and many other forms of treatment.

Penetrex truly made the difference. I started using it for wrist, elbow, and shoulder tendinitis. I noticed immediate relief upon application. The longer lasting effects didn't take effect until I had finished the first jar.

For all you skeptics out there, give it some time and it will work wonders. Suffice it to say, I ordered my second jar immediately after finishing the first. Try it for yourself, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at its efficacy..."

River C. - Durango, Colorado, USA


"...What can I say which hasn't already been said about Penetrex! I have been using the product for about two months and have noticed significantly less pain and inflammation in my arm due to tendonitis.

Like some of the previous reviews mentioned, this is a product which does not work immediately but with patience and commitment to putting it on 2 or 3 times a day pays off in the long run!..."

Daniel G. - Beltsville, Maryland, USA


"...Quick delivery and packaged appropriately. The product is expensive but works well..."

Terrence S. - New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I've been having problems in my hip area (will need hip replacement) and started using Penetrex on the area (4 times a day as recommended for the first 7-10 days) and noticed a considerable lessening of pain.

Also, both my husband and I have plantar fascitis and immediately after applying the cream we could tell a difference. We continued to use it for the next week and now neither one of us have any pain.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone for the various problems that it says it will help..."

Mary W. - Willcox, Arizona, USA


"...Honestly I was skeptical regarding the cream. I have been searching high and low for something to relieve me of my tennis elbow. I tried all sort of things that were mainly a waste of money. Marketing gimmicks!

Then I came upon this cream. I am now a believer. Between this cream in combination with continued used of my Band-it, I am much relieved of tennis elbow suffering. I haven't had to give up on playing tennis as I had thought.

My 'quality of life' is back. There has been noticeable and significant improvement. I don't know what ingredient is in this cream that did the job, but it works for me..."

Michael C. - Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with my first application of Penetrex. It worked! So often the sales pitch is just hype and I am disappointed. This is the first time I am truly pleased with a pain relief balm. And I've tried many. The others are like pretty wrapped presents, but when one opens the box, it is empty. Not so with Penetrex, the box was filled with delightful relief. Definitely money well spent. Thank you to the genius who developed this product..."

Diane F. - Laguna Beach, California, USA


"...well folks, i have probably tried around 20 different topical pain relievers (otc, speciality orders, homeopathic, out of the country nsaid cremes, veterinary lotions like dmso-as well as mentholated, warming...).

i would love to list them all so that it would save you some money on which not to buy but i doubt that the review would go through. i have tried 4 from amazon's site alone--that was around 86 bucks. so i can speak with personal authority regarding this creme's effectiveness.

i have chronic aches and pains of unknown origin other than age and work, and my son can't take any nsaid pain reliever due to sensitive stomach issues so i've been on a mission to find pain relief alternatives for his aches and pains as well as my own.

he dislikes anything warming, cooling, smelly, or with an nsaid in it so the search has been sort of a long process of elimination to learn all of the things he can't tolerate and to find something that may help.

this little jar has none of the negatives other than a very slight/light cool and minty smell which dissipates quickly. honestly, even my kid thinks its ok-i personally, think its pleasant, if it is at all noticable.

anyway, for me, this medicine is a godsend. it helps my elbow, knees, hip, occasional sore hand. get the picture. the only thing i couldn't tell it worked much on was my feet bottoms and maybe deep hip pain.... still, it is the best i've found to help these areas as they're just tough areas to treat.

after finding my aches better, i returned to the penetrex store and bought an additional 6 (better price in bulk). i have one by the bed, in my purse, in my car, at work, and backup in the bathroom.

i use it 1-2 times daily usually, but depending on how stiff or achey i am i will use it either more frequently, or on more spots. a little goes a long way- which is good because the jar is 2 ounces.

no noticed negatives on how many spots you can use it on like with nsaid lotions. i actually use fewer ibuprephen and tylenol pills now that i have this, and find i sometimes forget to use the herbal anti-inflammatory pills or glucosamine chrondrotin because i just don't hurt as much.

it works well enough that i can put it on and go out and exercise within minutes. i have to be a little conscious when doing so that i actually have an underlying problem because i think i could overdo it because it doesn't hurt after using penetrex.

my son's issues are mostly related to tight neck muscles, tension headaches, and migraines so this doesn't work as well for him but has still offered him some relief. for him the search continues when it comes to these issues.

penetrex does help some when i rub it onto his neck and shoulder area and i'm glad to have it as a go to solution for any other aches he may get.

i don't usually write reviews, and certainly not long ones like this. i am hoping that someone else who is trying to decide which lotion to buy will see this and be able to save at least 200 bucks rather than trying them all like i have.

there is only one other topical that i have found which comes close to being as effective but it has the powerful cooling/burning sensation which this one does not have. enough said..."

Gloria S. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I have used this product for 4 weeks and have almost finished the jar. It is not the silver bullet but it is better than anything else I have tried and I have tried many.

It does not have a heavy medicated scent but rather a light peppermint. I would use it again..."

Mark V. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I'm sure I am headed for surgery for both of my hands and wrists, which are in bad shape - so I don't expect Penetrex to cure me. However, it is a great relief when I rub it on my wrists and fingers.

I can feel the pain going away, and I get relief for awhile. The smell is pleasant as well. I put the cream on before I use ice packs, and the cream seems to make the ice work even more effectively.

I highly recommend Penetrex..."

Judith U. - Wilton, California, USA


"...This is not a miracle cure but is the best topical I have used and I have used plenty. I would recommend and buy it again..."

Mark S. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I followed the instructions on the Penetrex jar. Miraculous results quick relief wonderful anti-inflammatory creme.

I have researched several remedies. Now I can stop looking. Penetrex is my answer. I have a broken ankle with a loss of cartilage. I use Penetrex in the morning lunch time and again before bedtime.

I do not have the constant pain. I have stopped taking pain relievers. Pain pills prescription or over the counter cause ulcers and rectal bleeding. Penetrex does not have any negative side affects.

I will continue to use Penetrex on my ankle area. I have always worked outside and plan to continue being active. Penetrex will relieve the pain so I live a normal life..."

Gerald Y. - Mount Gilead, NC, USA


"...Very Fast Shipping- Excellent Product!..."

Veronica C. - Chicago, Illinois, USA


"...Repeat purchase of this product. Great seller-Fast shipping and awesome product. Thanks!..."

Cindy S. - Houston, Texas, USA


"...sooo glad i found this stuff. just wish it would not wear off ever! best topical i've found, and i've tried probably 10 different ones in my recent quest. fast shipping too..."

Gloria S. - Akron, Ohio, USA


"...My mother got injured while chipping ice off the house (repetitive strain injury) and her pain was quite extreme. We went to several doctors and every last one threw heavy narcotics at the injury, all of which did very little for the pain.

Some quick searching I came across Penetrex, read the reviews, how it worked, and decided to give it a shot.

She applied the product 3-4 times a day for a solid week and sure enough she started to get some relief. A few days after that she was only applying it once or twice a day and now is down to only once before she does to bed and it has helped a LOT.

So while she allows her injury to heal up, the Penetrex has provided amazing relief from the pain. We weren't all that convinced that a transdermal cream would help all that much but to our surprise, it really has.


Jon B. - Nampa, Idaho, USA


"...Great product, arrived quickly as described..."

Barbara M. - Columbia, Maryland, USA


"...I was skeptical about this product. To me, miracle wonder cure-all claims smack of suckers and the placebo effect. What I was looking for was something like the new-to-the-U.S. (but common in Europe) prescription drug Pennsaid.

I've been running for 30 years, and so it's no surprise that my knees sometimes hurt. My doctor did bilateral X-rays and gave me Pennsaid, which is a much buzzed about -- Men's Health and NY Times to name two -- transdermal nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that reduced the inflammation that rest and ice wasn't enough for.

The huge advantages of a topical cream or liquid is that the drug passes through the skin directly to just the areas that need the agent, rather than like say ibuprofen (e.g. Advil) that has to go through the stomach and liver, then bathe the whole body with their effects. Ibuprofen cream is available in the UK and elsewhere, but not yet in the US. What I found was Penetrex.

The active NSAID ingredient seems to be arnica, a herbal extract from the sunflower family. Arnica contains helenalin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone that has been a major ingredient in other anti-inflammatory preparations.

There is real published research showing arnica works, although the data suggest a different molecular mechanism from other nonsteroidal NSAIDs. There are other ingredients, a varied collection including B6, Boswellia Serrata and MSM. I have no idea if these really help.

After a bit more than a week my knees were feeling better. Penetrex is not a pain reliever, there are no ingredients that would do that and it makes no such claims, so the better function and feeling is due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Could it be placebo effect? Maybe. Could it be time? Maybe. But am I buying another bottle to have ready when this one runs out? Yes.

The cream is not sticky or gross, and has a slight pleasant peppermint smell that is not noticeable after you put it on. Is it a miracle? Is it a cure-all? No. No. But do I think it really helped? Yes. I hope you find this review useful..."

Dave E. - Phoenix, AZ, USA


"...I have had problems with my left foot and ankle plantar, I have had cortisone shots and other treatments but penetrex completely eliminated the problem in less than two weeks. Great product!!! ..."

Ray D. - Hemet, CA, USA


"...I first purchased CT Cream over 12 years ago when I was suffering with Carpal Tunnel in both hands. Two Doctors suggested I change my job due to the constant repetitive action I did. Changing jobs was not going to happen, so I started searching.

This product works. It helps tolerate aches and pain as it heals and also found that it heals bruises much faster. When my young son hurts or aches, he asks for the cream.

My daughter is a fan of CT Cream also, she uses it for muscle aches and puts it on her temples and the back of her neck when she has a headache.

I needed to reorder and found "Penetrex" and decided to try it since it was distributed by the same company, Biomax Health Products. I really like the Penetrex, it penetrates into the skin without any greasy feeling.

I don't like walking around smelling like medicine, Penetrex has a nice almost yummy smell that goes away in a few minutes after applying. This product is absolutely wonderful!

I have shared both products with my friends and family. My friend recently had an IV in her hand which left it looking badly bruised due to bleeding under the skin.

She used Penetrex on it and it was healed and totally gone in less than a week. She also found her arthritis was more manageable. Her husband has bad headaches, she rubbed some Penetrex on his neck and shoulders and asked him a little later how his headache was...he was amazed, it was gone. I gave my jar of Penetrex to them.

As far as both products goes, I find the Penetrex like an upgrade to the CT Cream. I will be sharing a jar of Penetrex with my daughter, her CT Cream is almost gone..."

Debbie T. - Ellsworth, Kansas, USA


"...I have now purchased this product for the second time and my family and I have been very pleased with it.

I use Penetrex to ease the pain and swelling caused by gout. My wife uses to help with complications of arthritis. At the first sign of a gout attack, I apply Penetrex fairly liberally and it helps to ease the pain and discomfort.

The product does work for us and we will continue to purchase it. I do recommend it without hesitation..."

Samuel P. - Knoxville, Tennesee, USA


"...This is an amazing product! I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with Penetrex. Excellent product and excellent service!..."

Pat D. - Del Rio, Texas, USA


"...I have been using the product and really like it. Thanks for a good product and great service..."

Seyhan H. - Franklin, Tennesee, USA


"...Severely sprain my calf and could not walk. Used Penetrex in conjunction with a couple braces and a lot of epsom salt baths. Totally healed in 2 1/2 weeks. Penetrex works!!!..."

Kendal C. - Clifton, New Jersey, USA


"...I was searching for a product I have used in the past - a no-scent "pain relief" cream that I had found at a marathon Race Expo.

However, because I wasn't very impressed with its effectiveness, I thought maybe I should try something else. And I CANNOT keep popping NSAID pills!

The word "anti inflammatory" caught my attention with PENETREX, so I ordered some. My aching knees and hips needed help Fast.

Well, Wow! PENETREX GAVE ME IMMEDIATE RELIEF! I quickly bought more and extras to give to a friend doing her first Marathon. This product has even brought more romance to my own love life---

My husband just melts when I rub his aching shoulders with this cream (he's refinishing the basement himself.) I would highly recommend this cream to others and expect to be a customer for life..."

Aleta M. - Buford, Georgia, USA


"...Somehow I ended up with tennis elbow (maybe from tensing my arm while playing Angry Birds on my ipod day after day?)

I tried wearing a brace, as my doctor suggested. Because I have an ulcer and acid reflux, taking ibuprofen was not a good idea. The pain continued for about 8 months and I was so tired and frustrated with an arm that always ached and felt weak.

I found that a combination of exercise and Penetrex did the trick to improve my arm's strength and reduce the soreness! I learned the Tyler twist exercise (see Youtube), using an excercise bar.

After each set of 15 stretches 3 times a day, I massaged my arm with Penetrex. Within 4 days or so, I saw definite improvement. After several weeks my arm was almost back to normal.

I like that I can apply Penetrex at work if needed and the smell is not noticeable. It feels comforting, not hot like some of the drugstore pain relievers.

I keep the Penetrex on my nightstand and give my arm a quick "tune-up" each night with a set of exercises and a nice massage.

So far so good; this routine is keeping my arm from going back to the pain and weakness. (And I've quit playing Angry Birds on my ipod forever!)..."

Barbara Ann M. - Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I bought this cream in hopes of diminishing the pain my wife has in her elbow and I in my right foot.

My wife had her elbow area swollen due to her job, she tried all sorts of ointments to no avail. I have my feet injured due to Military service. They would hurt constantly, the feeling was as if my feet were going to burst and at times I would limp due to the pain.

Custom insoles, cream and ice wouldn't work. In my bottom right foot, in front of the heel I had a numbing feeling of which the VA had taken X-rays and said they couldn't see anything wrong.

The Podiatrist there suggested surgery and that was questionable for the relief of pain. I said NO and continued searching for other alternatives.

I bought Penetrex for my wife and after three weeks of using the cream, the swelling has gone down considerably in her elbow, the pain she had before using Penetrex has diminished considerably.

I started to use Penetrex on my feet, I couldn't believe the pain had diminished about 85%. All I know is this product has worked for both of us, we hope this helps you..."



"...I have had Diabetic Neuropathy in both legs, for years. As a Registered Nurse, I've researched the current available medications prescribed for this condition and my Doctor has tried me on all of them, none of which relieved the extreme pain from this condition.

Others who have this condition would tell you it impacts all aspects of your life, including getting a good night of uninterrupted sleep, the inability to focus at work due to the pain and how it negatively affects your social life because the pain prohibits us from going places.

When I saw this product I almost didn't buy it, thinking that surely if it did work Doctors would be recommending it to all their patients who have neuropathy but, thankfully, I decided to try a jar.

I received it very rapidly, yesterday and wish I could describe my jubilant feeling of relieve about 5 minutes after I first applied the cream to both legs.

I know that everyone has different reactions to a medication, but I sincerely mean it when I tell you that literally five minutes after I applied it, I could actually feel the pain ebbing slowly away.

Ten minutes later I had absolutely no pain. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it but I am here to tell you that if you're considering buying this, buy it now.

I am applying it 4 times a day as suggested then will cut back slowly to one application a day. I fully intend to take this jar and information about the product's ingredients I researched on the internet and give those to my family Doctor and encourage him to recommend all his patients try it for pain relief.

In this day and age, most Doctors refuse to prescribe controlled opiate medications for pain relief and at best, they only relieve the pain for a limited time, slowly causing your body to build up a tolerance for the medication and forcing you to go to a higher dosage, which is not healthy for you.

This is the answer to the many people who need pain relief. Truthfully I'm not sure this jar would last for weeks and I'm estimating that mine will last for perhaps, 10 more days at the rate I am going to apply it daily, so I plan to order more jars of it today before everyone discovers it and there might be a shortage of it on the market soon.

It will not stain your clothing or bedding nor does it feel 'greasy' after applied. There is absolutely no odor so you can wear it to work and social occasions and continue being pain free.

In my case, it lasts much longer than I thought and I'd venture a guess it would last probably 8 hours after application so while 4 applications a day isn't really necessary I still will follow the directions and gradually taper it down.

As a health care professional, I recommend you try this product because I have full faith that it will work for the majority of those who use it.

It's been a Godsend in my life and last night I slept all night long, not having the need to get up because of any pain. There simply was no pain.

Best product to come onto the market and thankfully you don't even need a written prescription to buy it. Buy it today..."

Brookie. S. - Gig Harbor, Washington, USA


"...Prompt shipping! Product works have not had to take Aleve since using it..."

Kristine B. - Grafton, Illinois, USA


"...I played too much tennis and ended up with tennis elbow. At one point, it's so painful that I couldn't stretch my forearm, let alone lifting things.

I found this in Amazon and decided to give it a try (along with a few other suggested exercise methods, like the rubber bar).

So far, the pain is not 100% gone, but definitely eased significantly. I can actually resume my tennis games now (of course I am using this thing before and after hitting the balls)..."

J. G. - Herndon, Virginia, USA


"...I have been using Penetrex for over a week now. The seller shipped the product to an APO address and arrived fairly quickly.

As a soldier I have a physically demanding job and we tear our bodies up fairly quickly. I currently have a bad case of tennis elbow from training and weightlifting on my left arm.

I used to use Icy-Hot on it and it eventually lost its effects and eventually started irritating my skin. Icy-hot seemed to not do much about the symptoms only mask the pain.

I now believe that i may have torn a ligament on my elbow and whenever i agitate it with training or even lifting something simple it flares up again. Every morning I would wake up with pain and stiffness in my elbow as well.

After using Penetrex, the symptoms started to go away for the most part. Initially, I was expecting the product to be a variant of icy-hot but wanted to try it anyways based on the reviews here.

After 2 or 3 days of use I will wake up with very minimal pain in my elbow. Although some pain is still there (i think there's more permanent damage there) its definitely way less pain that I initially had before using the product.

I also noticed that if i put a compression wrap after using the product it works even better. So now i use it 2 times a day and wrap my elbow with a compression wrap if pain flares up, otherwise Penetrex is all I use.

I highly recommend this to anyone with pain in their elbow from either heavy lifting or your body is torn to hell from sports or the military!..."

Julio R. - APO, AE, USA


"...Excellent product!..."

Nicole K. - Davis, California, USA


"...very pleased with this buyer. good product, good service and prompt delivery..."

Ruth W. - Burlington, Vermont, USA


"...i admit, i was skeptical. i didn't use it at first because my doctor gave me some prednisone for it. took it, was better for a few days and came back.

so, tried this. put it on as described for first few days and my elbow and thumb were better in a few days. now not using it as often, but can go most of the weekend without using it and my inflammation seems so much better.

not going to stop using it but WOW> i can't believe after all that pain, all of those braces, two Rx's of prednisone, and this is what worked. thanks so much for having this on amazon..."

Kristi B. - Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA


"...Thanks for shopping out the penetrex. Love that stuff!!..."

Ken R. - Moorhead, Minnesota, USA


"...I've had really sharp pains in both of my elbows for the past 3 months and Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen just were not cutting it.

After about 4 days of using Penetrex, there was noticeable relief whenever I tried to lift objects.

It's now been 3 weeks and while the pain is still present, my range of movement is not nearly as limited as it was before.

I have recommended Penetrex to all of my friends since I cannot believe how incredible a non-prescription ointment could work. The fact that it is not greasy or pungent is also a nice bonus..."

Gary M. - Cooper City, Florida, USA


"...Great Product Fast Shipping!!! Thanks!..."

Wendy O. - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"...This works wonderfully! Thanks for the great transaction!..."

Chris T. - Pearl City, Hawaii, USA


"...Yep, this does work! Need to buy more but its all good..."

Scott A. - Kent, United Kingdom


"...Another good transaction - love this stuff on my neck - works a treat !...."

Mark S. - Carlisle North, Western Australia


"...Product really relieves my Tennis Elbow! Great seller! My second purchase...."

Lexie M. - Triadelphia, West Virginia


"...I regularly train with weights and do pull-ups and push ups. One day I experienced severe elbow pain and it was diagnosed as tennis elbow.

It was so painful I could barely squeeze toothpaste from the tube. I try not to overdo the pain medications and after reading the reviews, I reluctantly ordered Penetrex.

I was skeptical, because I had tried topical ointments before for tennis elbow, and nothing helped. I just had to wait, rest, ice, wait, rest, and take oral anti-inflammatories.

The package with Penetrex came, and I skeptically tried the ointment and to my surprise the pain dissipated. My movement was easier and pain was noticeably relieved.

Please follow the directions Penetrex recommends. Penetrex is especially helpful if you don't have many opportunities to decrease activity.

Penetrex is a great ointment and I am so happy that I found this transdermal anti-inflammatory treatment.

SUPERB! I am lifting as I try to heal this injury and Penetrex is helping..."

Brenda R. - Palatine, Illinois, USA


"...Arrived promptly. Packaged well. Product received was as described and pictured.

Started working to reduce my knee inflamation and pain after only 3x/day x 4 days. Hoping for continued improvement with further use.

Just ordered 2 more jars for me and a friend. Thanks Biomax!..."

Cheryl T. - Apex, North Carolina, USA


"...I LOVE this product. The service was speedy. Perfect..."

Diane F. - Laguna Beach, California, USA



"...After 1 day am feeling improvement, does what it says on the tin..."

David M. - Warwickshire, Great Britain


"...What can I say..I LOVE this product! I have entered into that wonderful thing called menopause and along with the many symptoms it brings, it has also brought me a whole lot of pain in each joint in my fingers on both hands, both wrists, and one elbow.

I am on a prescription drug that used to take care of all the arthritic joint pains pretty much until I entered into menopause, so I was looking for some kind of relief.

Sometimes the pain will get so bad that that is all I can focus on. In searching for anything that could possibly give me some relief I came upon this wonderful product Penetrex at, and after reading a lot of the reviews I decided I had to purchase it.

OMG, it's just what the doctor ordered...except he didn't! I used it according to the directions and slowly but surely the pain diminished.

It didn't happen overnight, for me at least, but in doing just as the directions instructed, it did in fact take the pain away.

I have to say, I really noticed it starting to help somewhat just after using it the first day. After the first week to 10 days, I started using it less because I would forget to do it, and that was because there wasn't the awful pain there to remind me.

Anyway, I stopped using it for a little while but used it when I'd feel a flare, and within a short time the pain starts diminishing.

How much you use it after the first 10 days of 3-4 times per day is entirely up to you and your pain, everyone's issues are different.

There is a "very slight" smell to it, but really not offensive like some others are, and after you put it on it goes away almost immediately, so DON'T let that stop you from trying it.

I 'HIGHLY' recommend this product because it does what it says it will do, and how many products can you say that about these days? Give it a try!..."

Carol G. - Columbus, Ohio, USA


"...I am currently on my third jar of Penetrex and it took me till not having it to notice that it was definitely working.

I am a track and field athlete and I do a lot of jumping and last year developed a severe case of medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints).

Penetrex does not eliminate the pain completely. It is most effective while resting.

I am currently in a rehabilitation process, again, for the third time and it is very noticeable that this product is dramatically enhancing the recovery time.

Follow the directions by applying three times a day and in a few days you will notice a dramatic change.

I also use a Zensah leg sleeve which helps a lot as well! The delivery time is probably the best I have dealt with, it always arrives faster than I expect and the company stays in touch and wants to know how everything is being handled, great company, great product, great appreciation!..."

Jerhime S. - Tacoma, Washington, USA


" this yesterday bit early to tell , but i do feel ease after only 2 days AA++..."

"blue--icon" - Kwinana Town Centre, Western Australia


"...This item offers much more support than more popular support bands. Excellent for those with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) who want to continue some limited training..."

Brenda R. - Palatine, Illinois, USA


"...this really works thanks for everything..."

Colin B. - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Great Britain


"...Over the years I have developed shoulder, elbow and wrist pain from all the years of athletics and physical activity. Age has much to do with this.

After several years of inactivity, I decided to start working out again. My shoulder, elbow and wrist hurt during weight lifting more than in the past.

I went online to search for shoulder, elbow and wrist supports. The Penetrex ad jumped into my view so I took the time to read about it. Frankly, I was skeptical but the price for one jar was reasonable so I decided to give it a try.

I'm used to packing on some form of analgesic ointment so I was surprised when I applied the Penetrex. No heat. I felt nothing. The instructions tell you to apply several times a day and to rub it in well. I did so.

I'll be darn, as I continued to lift, my pain diminished. I don't know how but it actually worked. Before my initial jar of Penetrex ran out I ordered 4 more.

I delayed writing my review until I was totally convinced it was not some fluke. Well............I work out every day and the pain is completely manageable. It's not gone but greatly reduced.

I have a partially torn rotator cuff. I'm completely satisfied and suggest to anyone with rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow and/or wrist pain to give Penetrex a try. It may help you!..."

David B. - Tyrone, Georgia, USA


"...I have found this product to be very effective and I appreciate the great service of this company. They get the stuff to me quickly, and I appreciate that. Kudos!..."

Wendy L. - Scotts Valley, California, USA


"...Using Penetrex on my "trigger thumb" has helped reduce the swelling, pain and triggering that occurs when the tendon on the inner side of my thumb becomes inflamed.

I rub the cream in at the site of the swelling, near the base of the thumb, several times per day. It has helped even more than the physical therapy I had for a number of weeks.

The condition does tend to recur at times when I do something that stresses the thumb joint. But when I feel pain, I start using Penetrex again and it provides fairly quick relief.

I highly recommend Penetrex and plan to try it on some of my other aches and pains..."

Milton M. - Mableton, Georgia, USA


"...I've been suffering from arthritis in my knees for a couple years now. I wasn't really able to lift weights or even play tennis like I used too.

I discovered Penetrex a few weeks ago and have been using it as directed. Wow! The pain in my knees are gone, I can't believe it.

I've been working out again, doing squats and leg presses with no problems at all. Once the weather warms up here in NJ I'll be out playing tennis again too. Love this stuff..."

Eugene T. - Flanders, New Jersey, USA


"...This is by far the best product of its kind. The quick shipping was also greatly appreciated. Thank you..."

Gary M. - Cooper City, Florida, USA


"...great product, thank you..."

Jeff G. - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


"...I have plantar fasitis and Penetrex has given me a lot of relief. It is not greasy and does not leave any residue.

Work it into the skin and right away start to feel relief from pain and swelling. I fully recommend this product..."

Lynda M.J. - Depoe Bay, Oregon, USA


"...I have had Fibromyalgia for 22 years and have tried all the prescription medication for Fibro. and none have worked.

I have also over the counter creams that didn't help the pain. Since my pain stems from inflammation, I was really hoping that this would be something that would actually work.

Before purchasing, I read all the reviews and that is what made me order. This stuff really works!..."

Jamie S. - Richmond, Virginia, USA


"...This product came very quickly. I am very happy with this product, it works very well. I have heel spur's, after second application my heel felt better! Thank-you for such a wonderful product!..."

Cheryl B. - Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA


"...For the last 20 years, my 85-year-old mother, who lives in Brazil, has been suffering from inflammation of the left rotator cuff tendons and inflammation of both knees.

She developed an ulcer because of long-term use of oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

A friend brought her a jar of Penetrex® - The World's #1 Transdermal Anti-Inflammatory Treatment from US and the result as pain relief was amazing.

Last January we decided to buy more jars. Because of weather conditions, the order was delayed but the customer service at Biomax Health Products kept me posted and worked around the clock to deliver the package on time so a friend could bring it to Brazil.

An excellent service. Good product and good people!..."

Antonia C. - New York, NY, USA


"...This is a great seller & a great product..."

Dianne D. - Atlanta, Georgia, USA


"...I was happy to try this product, I had not heard of it prior to browsing on Amazon site. Arthritis makes one seek the new & improved. Found the Penetrex to be quite helpful with pain reduction..."

Geraldine L. - Washington DC, USA


"...After years of purchasing many various products for my mothers tendonitis, I ordered Penetrex, thinking well another product for her to try.

Well I can say after a few days of using this product, she feels the difference. The pain has been greatly reduced, and her mobility has improved. So after trying just about everything on the market--I think this is well worth a try..."

Jeanne C. - Miami, Florida, USA


"...I have been working at the molecular genetics department for 20 yrs now. Repetitive motion injury is quite common in my field of work because of pipetting motion day in and out.

Over the past year, I tried both physical therapy and acupuncture to get relief from the tingling and numbness of my fingers and the elbow pain as well.

After many such therapy (about 24 visits), the tingling and numbness have dissipated somewhat, but the elbow pain remains. The doctor said that my tennis elbow needed to be looked at again and I have to go through another round of physical therapy recently.

I have had three cortisone injections in my elbow thus far and just had temporary relief. I found out about penetrex on the amazon web site and decided to give it a try.

Thus far, the pain is not as intense and it is not waking me up at night anymore. It is my last resort because the doctor is recommending surgery on my poor elbow.

I can't say that the pain is totally gone, but it is not as constant as before. I will definitely continue using this product..."

Linda K. - Gilroy, California, USA


"...I have had neck & shoulder pain for over 30 years; caused by a pinched nerve from a whiplash injury. I wasn't expecting Penetrex to help me, but it does relieve the sharp pain in my neck & shoulders.

It has helped more than the physical therapy, moist heat & daily exercises I have tried. It also helps to relieve pain in my hands & other joints caused by an inflammatory type of arthritis..."

Dianne D. - Atlanta, Georgia, USA


"...My Carpel tunnel syndrome started 3 years back and was struggling with it. Because of regular golf and tennis playing I also developed Tennis or Golfer Tendonitis.

It was miserable and had terrible pain (Like electric shock) when i was trying to swing it. As usual i relied on pain killer tablets which was temporary and also took a shot.

I was constantly looking out for something that would heal elbow pain. After doing some research I came across this product. After reading the reviews I decided to order one, but was skeptical.

It really saved my golfing life. Within a week I could find a difference. The product really works. I used it for a while and i can confidently recommend this product to anyone having tendonitis problem.

So, if you are thinking to try it out, then you should. I bet u will like it..."

Sunny B. - Kingsport, Tennessee, USA



Michael S. - Clearwater, Florida, USA


"...Product was great - service from seller looks beyond exceptional..."

Pete T. - Woodside, California, USA


"...Hello! Just wanted to share my experience with your product. Several years ago I developed trigger finger on my left thumb -- which was very painful. More painful than the carpal tunnel on my hands. Received 2 cortisone shots which did the trick.

Then later, developed wrist tendinitis - DeQuervain's Tendinitis- on my left wrist. Thought the doctor would give me a cortizone shot to relieve the pain like with the trigger finger. However, this time doctors did nothing to relieve the pain.

I then discovered the CT cream on-line and placed an order. After using CT Cream for about a month -- the pain in my left wrist was decreasing. After 2 months -- the pain was gone! No shots -- just the CT cream and pain was gone! I was completely impressed with the CT Cream.

Last year I developed trigger finger again but on my right thumb. I tried the CT Cream again but this time there was no improvement. I did not want to go to the doctor as I knew they would not do anything for the pain.

I then learned that there was a new product - Penetrex. Used Penetrex and the trigger finger pain was gone in about a month! I now use Penetrex for my carpal tunnel and noticed improvement from the tingling/numbness.

Thank you for letting me share my experience -- Penetrex is great!

Rachel A. - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


"...I bought this product for my boyfriend who has been having terrible pain in his elbow. He has been using it for about 3 weeks and says the elbow is not hurting nearly as much and he hasn't had as much trouble lifting things with his arm.

He is a painter and had a difficult time lifting a paint can before using the product. He has been using it 3-4x daily and has also been icing the elbow at least once/day using the Cold-one elbow brace.

We are very encouraged by his progress! I would recommend this product for anyone with muscle or tendon pain...he has bad wrist pain, too, and says this has helped with that, also..."

Jessica F. - Carpio, North Dakota, USA


"...I have had severe plantar fasciitis for over a year now and one thing I have been told several times to do by my podiatrist is to take anti-inflammatory medicines.

I worried about the harmful affects it could have on my stomach, so I began searching for a transdermal anti-inflammatory product to use instead. It was very exciting to find this product and all of the great reviews with it!

I decided to try it, especially with the money back guarantee. So far I am loving the product and it's much better than other products I found at the drug store.

Since plantar fasciitis takes a long time to treat, I recently placed an order for two more jars of Penetrex. I am looking forward to using these!..."

Ashley N. - Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, USA


"...AMAZING!! It works fast! Thank you for this product. I love it! Excellent Seller..."

Cheryl K. - Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA


"...I bought this cream in an effort to relieve the pain my boyfriend was experiencing with Sciatica. We couldn't afford the cortisone shots so I was looking for an alternative.

After using Penetrex for a few days, we noticed that he was able to sleep through the night and had a much easier time sitting up for long periods of time without having to readjust.

I recently dislocated my knee and I wanted to try and not take anymore ibuprofen or Aleve. I definitely experienced increased mobility and flexibility in the tendons and ligaments behind my knee and it definitely decreased the swelling around my knee cap.

I still have some pain but I definitely have relied on Penetrex as a replacement to pain killers. for my pain management. I also bought some for my mom and she's experienced reduced neck pain. I would recommend this to others..."

Lauren B. - Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


"...Great product. Quick delivery..."

Mike I. - Wichita, Kansas, USA


"...Excellent quality product! Superquick delivery!..."

Charles N. - Sacramento, California, USA


"...this product has helped me tremendously. first off, the company has excellent customer service, the product arrived very quickly, which is a plus because when you have an injury you are of course anxious to get it treated.

they also follow up to find out if the product has helped you which was a huge plus for me. i have tendonitis from piano performance a repetitive injury from practicing difficult passages hours at a time.

i have used different therapy, but when i read the ingredients one of which is boswellia, which is what i have been taking internally as well, i decided to give it a try.

massaging the cream in several times a day has been really helpful, i can feel the swelling has gone down and i will continue to use it..."

Jamila S. - Miami, Florida, USA


"...My arm had been sore for so long I had almost given up. The penetrex worked so well and so fast I almost couldn't believe it! My elbow and all the tendons down my arm don't hurt anymore!..."

Kay P. - Cable, Wisconsin, USA


"...Good Product. Works very well..."

Steven D. - Granite City, Illinois, USA


"...Everything that was promised about this product is true!! works wonders!! I will be buying more..."

Colleen C. - Bay Shore, New York, USA


"...I'm a runner and the cream actually seems to reduce knee pain and leg pain. a++..."

Brian M. - Jackson, Mississipi, USA


"...I've tried a variety of topical pain relievers and anti-inflammatory agents for tennis elbow, but nothing compares to Penetrex!

Upon rubbing in the cream, I feel pain relief within moments. In addition, I don't have to worry about a strong menthyl odor when I go to work or I'm out in public.

Pain relief without the odor. Penetrex makes the difference for me..."

Jason H. - Highland, Utah, USA


"...I've ordered Penetrex twice, and during both periods, I've always been satisfied with this product.

I'm training as an MMA fighter, and because of this, I've had injuries inside & outside of training. Two of which were shin splints, and knee tendinitis.

I apply Penetrex to my shins and my knees everyday, and ever since doing this, I noticed that my shin splint injury has healed 80% and my daily knee tendinitis pain has decreased.

This anti-inflammatory is really great before or after a workout, and if you're feeling pain, or if you have one of the injuries labeled on the container, I would definitely recommend buying this!

I was shocked when it healed up my shin. I've used ibuprofen and heat/ice combos, but none of those had as much of a effect as Penetrex had!..."

Derrick A. - Saint Peters, Missouri, USA


"...Very prompt shipment, it's too early to tell about how well the product works but it seems to help with my elbow pain. I will be happy to do buy from seller and and maybe the product again..."

Eugene L. - Cornelius, North Carolina, USA


"...Good product..."

Hae Y. - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"...super fast delivery, excellent product!..."

Jamila S. - Miami, Florida, USA


"...excellent price and product..."

Paul B. - Sunset, Maine, USA


"...Great product, great service, recommended :)..."

Malgorzata M. - Brooklyn, New York, USA


"...I'm currently suffering from a rather debilitating case of tendinitis or tennis elbow. I'm off of any activity for 6 weeks to let my arm heal, and in a great deal of pain.

I have tried arnica from the health food store and Traumeal, but NOTHING gets to the pain as quickly as Penetrex.

Once I apply this (as I do three times a day), in about five minutes my pain level decreases and I have more flexibility in my arm.

I have found this more effective than even prescription strength Naproxen. I'm now recommending this to every one I run into with tennis elbow or other aches and pains..."

Jonathan K. - Hyattsville, Maryland, USA


"...I love this stuff. I had carpal tunnel and this stuff really works. I was skeptical but I'm so thankful I bought it. I don't need to wear a wrist brace anymore..."

Jennifer T. - Pearl City, Hawaii, USA


"...AAAAAAA+++++++++ very good product..."

Mike L. - Harahan, Louisiana, USA


"...I don't write reviews and am not very good at it.

I have suffered with golf elbow for several months and nothing else has worked. Been using this cream now a week and the pain has completely gone and I can now grip again.

This cream really works..."




Linda C. - West Islip, New York, USA


"...I was skeptical, but desperate for some relief from elbow and shoulder tendonitis. Oral anti-inflammatories have always given me problems so I looked for something topical and found this.

Took a gamble on it and it paid off. Penetrex greatly reduced my pain and inflammation which helped me to heal faster. Give it a try..."

Richard A. - Brooklyn, New York, USA


"...I was very cautious when trying Penetrex. It took several days before I could feel it working....and then it took off!

I am in the process of finishing by second jar and will place another order. I wish the company had an auto-ship plan. Finally, something that works.

I am now starting to use just a small amount on my old dogs lower spine. Well, what can you say after you say that you are bending again and have a lot more rotation in my neck.

I am so anxious to see what extended us of Penetrex will do for me and my doggie..."

Diane K. - Inyokern, California, USA


"...This product works great!!! Thank you for offering it!!!..."

Angie G. - Vienna, West Virginia, USA


"...Super fast delivery & great product as described. Thanks..."

Mohammed C. - Shropshire, United Kingdom


"...arrived fast and it seems to be working many thanks might need more later..."

Colin M. - Dorset, United Kingdom


"...I had suffered an injury to my elbow from doing too many pull ups. I could not throw a football without pain. After using Penetrex for about 10 days I don't have any pain throwing the football. Have not tried any pull ups yet..."

George J. - Morehead, Kentucky, USA


"...The original shipment was lost in the mail, most likely in our community mailroom. I contacted the seller, confirmed my address, and she immediately sent a replacement which arrived 2 days later.

I would definitely do business with this seller in the future and hope whoever received the first shipment will as well..."

Barry L. - La Quinta, California, USA


"...Fast shipper, great deal and excellent product, worked for me..."

Bruce M. - Ogdensburg, New York, USA


"...I have had tennis elbow for quite some time. Trying to not work as hard was just not working, or the answer. I did my research and read the review people wrote on this product.

Using Penetrex consistently for 2 weeks and Oh my goodness sakes!!! I could lift my cup of coffee for the first time in over a year.

Doing physical work is what I do. Since I started using this product, I can do so much more. I was so very close to going in for surgery. The doctor said it was about as bad as it can get and surgery is a must.

I showed him this product and how amazing it is and he has recommended it to so many of his patients. In fact, I get emails from his patients thanking me for telling him about it.

I love not having surgery. It works!!!!!..."

Dawn F. - Marshall, Wisconsin, USA


"...excellent product. Fast shipment..."

Vladimir B. - Montreal, Canada


"...Received one jar fast, seems to help! Thanks...."

Al A. - Roanoke, Virginia, USA


"...I work in a hospital and have recently suffered a case of tendinitis. It has gotten progressively worse in a very short period of time. I tried various ointments and topical creams including my favorite... Ben-Gay.

All attempts failed to relieve the increasing pain and tenderness in my elbow. I had to find something before this became a serious issue with my ability to work. I ordered Penetrex.

I expected it to be a gimmicky product with no more alleviation than anything else I have tried. To my the FIRST elbow felt relief.

I continued to apply it 2-3 times a day for three days ....AND the relief is amazing!!! I had ordered a "Tennis elbow" brace but by the time it arrived...I NO LONGER NEEDED IT!

Penetrex is a fantastic product!! I will recommend it to all of my co-workers as we all find ourselves with muscle aches and strains.

Thank you, Thank you....Anyone with aches and pains....I HIGHLY recommend Penetrex!..."

Brenda B. - Monaca, Pennsylvania, USA


"...I was a little skeptical when someone recommended this for some pain I had been experiencing from typing. This person had carpal tunnel syndrome and claimed it helped her tremendously.

What I have is similar in nature, but it is the cubital tunnel that is affected, and causes pain and tingling in my little finger and up the side of my arm.

I was astonished when I saw it was almost twenty dollars for a two ounce jar but anti-inflammatories, braces, and other remedies were not working and the condition was really starting to grate on my nerves so I ordered some.

The instructions say to rub it on the affected area three or four times a day for at least a week. I did this regularly and at first did not see any result and thought I had been duped.

I probably would have tossed it in the cabinet and forgotten about it but since I was spending lots of time at the computer, I just left it on the desk and whenever I thought about it, I just put some on. I figured I was using it for a moisturizer since it wasn’t doing anything else!

In about ten days of doing this, the pain and tingling sensations in my little finger stopped! I had been applying it to the arm near the elbow which is where the nerve is that controls the sensation to the little finger and that side of the hand and arm. It actually worked!

Now, I’d like to say I tried it for other things and it worked on those...but to be honest, I used up the rest of it on the same spot as a preventative. It seems to have done the trick, the pain has not come back.

I doubt that the problem simply cleared on its own as it was a repetitive strain type of injury and I did not alter the underlying cause (couldn’t at the time).

With this product being as expensive as it is, I would not order it just to have around the house. BUT, if I get a similar problem to the cubital tunnel thing, or something of a similar nature that is not responding to standard treatment, I would definitely order it again.

I recommend this to anyone who is frustrated because of nerve pain or other types of pain that are related to inflammation. This is a topical anti-inflammatory rub that is unlike anything else on the shelves. If nothing else is helping, give this a try..."

Josephine P. - Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA


"...Good product. fast shipping. thank you..."

Marek M. - West Dundee, Illinois, USA


"...I bought Penetrex for treating tennis elbow and it works! And I have reordered the product to continue the application.

It is superior to other topical pain relieving products such as Aspercreme. Penetrex contains multiple analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) and I think that probably makes it more effective.

The consistency of the cream makes it easy to apply. There is a slight pleasant smell but disappears within a few minutes.

Typically the analgesic effect and the relief of pain can be felt within an hour. A prolonged use (~5 weeks) has brought pain from a rating of 7 down to 1 without the use of NSAID medication..."

Soo-Peang K. - Saratoga, California, USA


"...Biomax Your Products Save My Life. I Though That I Was Going To Have To Apply For Disability. My Right KNEE Was So Bad. I Could Not Stand On It For No Longer Than 5 Minutes..."

Cynthia J. - Toledo, OH, USA


"...I injured my arm in July and experienced almost unbearable pain for two months. There is still extensive nerve pain along with symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Using Penetrex has helped relieve the pain. I tried other topical creams and did not experience the relief that Penetrex gave me.

I just ordered my 2nd jar and and recommended this cream to my physical therapist..."

Bev O. - La Center, Washington, USA


"...Great product!!! Works great, thank you very much!..."

Gregory K. - Appleton, Wisconsin, USA


"...I used Penetrex to help me through "Tennis Arm" or better known as an RSI injury to my arm. I, of course, was skeptical but this cream absolutely works.

I used it on my arm religiously and the relief was terrific. Now, I'm back to playing tennis and use the cream sparingly on my arm, however, I use it on ANY ache and pain I have.

It works wonders on back and neck pain. Everyone should have a jar of Penetrex in their homes and travel bags..."

Amy M. - Ocala, Florida, USA


"...excellent seems to be working so far so good thanx..."

Sue C. - Kent, United Kingdom


"...This is the first time I've dealt with Biomax Health Products and I am very pleased with their products.

I have had pain in the backs of my hands for over 13 years with little relief from anything I've tried. I've had multiple procedures performed to help with pain management (physical therapy, cervical epidural injection, hot wax treatment, etc.).

Multiple tests have been performed (EKG, MRI's, etc.) to ensure it was not carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage as well.

I have tried other topical treatments but have never found anything that helps. I've used 2 jars of Penetrex and following recommended directions have found relief when used daily.

I am very skeptical on anything since my experience has been less than helpful with other products stating the same relief.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone experiencing pain they've been unable to find relief with before..."

Scott W. - Rochester, New York, USA



"...Repeat buyer ~ Great Seller ~ Thanks!..."

Joleen A. - Gladstone, Michigan, USA


"...I could not believe how fast this product arrived - what great service! While I am rating the seller, I want to say that the Penetrex product seems to work quite well for my plantar fasciitis! What a good find! ..."

Jo W. - Cumming, GA, USA


"...Excellent Product, I can recommend it to anyone who has tennis elbow..."

Matt B. - Downers Grove, Illinois, USA


"...excellent + works..."

Philip A. - Belfast, United Kingdom


"...I have had chronic elbow tendonitis for over one year as a result of tennis and paddle tennis. I have tried a myriad of potential cures with no luck.

Finally, I came across Penetrex on the amazon website-I figured I had nothing to loose so I ordered the product.

I have applying the Penetrex product to my elbow several times a day for two weeks. I am happy to report my pain and inflammation is significantly improved. I am now back out on the courts..."

Thomas B. - Wilmette, Illinois, USA


"...After bilateral carpal tunnel surgery, expert opinions from 3 hand and upper extremity surgeons, and over 6 months of physical therapy, I'd given up on getting ANY relief for my forearm and elbow pain.

There were days I couldn't even raise my arm. I was told it was all due to repetative stress. I work on a computer, actually, many computers. As an MRI technologist, CT technologist, and sonographer. I also have a side business online. All day every day, I am on a computer.

My experts and their opinions? Quit work!

I am soooo thankful that I tried one more thing. For whatever reason, I tried Penetrex. I had tried that CT cream with absolutely no results. I figured this was going to be a waste of $25 AGAIN.

So, when I used the product a couple months ago, and for the first time in almost 2 years, I had NO PAIN! As I used it repeatedly, the pain went away. The inflammation went away. I am still dumbfounded.

How can a little cream do the job that 3 surgeons, and multiple physical therapists and hand therapists couldn't fix? I still don't get it. But today, I ordered my second jar and sent another one to a friend of mine.

My friend is considering bilateral surgery for plantar's fascitis. I'm anxiously waiting for her to try penetrex. I'm hoping to keep her from having surgery. I'm using the second order for neck pain.

If you have done everything to relieve pain from inflamation and have had no results, you owe it to yourself to try ONE MORE THING.

Try this product. Give it a chance to work. All I can say is thank you to makers and sellers of Penetrex. It is absolutely amazing.

Very happy in Texas!..."

Nanci S. - Houston, Texas, USA


"...Just wanted to let you know I just re-ordered two more jars of Penetrex. I have been fighting tennis elbow for about 10 years now, first the right elbow with many doctor visits and finally surgery to fix it. Then the pain went to my left elbow and I thought I was in for another surgery.

I started using Penetrex, on advice from a friend, and the pain progression was stopped in about 3 weeks. I continued to use the cream sporadically for 6 months (2 jars) and although not cured I was able to resume normal activities without paying the price.

I have to say that the quality of my life has been improved by the use of your product. Thanks! I would recommend anyone with pain caused by repetitive movement inflammation should try this product..."

Nicholas R. - San Clemente, Maryland, USA


"...I have been suffering from elbow tendonitis for 4 years and have tried many remedies. I wear an elbow brace at night to prevent my arm from bending. I can't hold a phone to my head because that angle hurts too much. It doesn't take much to irritate and inflame this condition.

I recently found Penetrex on Amazon, bought it and have been using it daily. There has been improvement in my elbows, the pain level is decreasing. Maybe I can avoid surgery..."

Linda S. - Cave Junction, Oregon, USA


"...Surprisingly, Penetrex actually works as advertised. One day I was online and suffering much pain from tennis elbow in both arms. I needed two hands to even pick up a glass of water and still suffered for it.

I did an Internet search hoping to find any relief for tennis elbow, and it sounded like all I could do was get cortizone shots or surgery. My doctor had already said to give it a few months to repair itself first, so I was miserable.

I ran into a few comments about Penetrex, so I looked it up on Amazon and found more good reviews. Since the price wasn't too high, I decided to give it a try (assuming that it was just snake oil).

After applying 4 times a day, I had significantly less pain by the end of the second day. By the end of the week I had very little pain at all in both arms. This stuff really does work. I've used it for about a month now, and I'm pretty much using it twice a day now.

If I don't use it, I do notice increased pain, so I'm planning to keep it up all winter and maybe I can enjoy golfing and other activities next summer.

I don't know if it would work on everyone, but it definitely has for me. Constant pain can really get you down, so I'm really enjoying using Penetrex..."

Connie J. - Reno, Nevada, USA


"...I'm writing to let you know how impressed I am with Penetrex. As a professional Keyboard player and music teacher I depend entirely upon my hands for my livelihood.

About a year ago I began to suffer from tennis elbow and tendonitis associated with playing and practicing too much. It got to the point that I had to cancel shows and stop practicing completely.

I went to chiropractors and general practitioners and had everything done from massage to Cortisone shots to magnetic therapy. Nothing worked. However the Cortisone did fix a nagging knee problem:).

My wife and I were searching everywhere on the net for possible treatments and came across your webpage. I was highly skeptical about it as I have tried many creams and lotions. I ordered some anyway and I am elated that I did. After three days of applying the cream after a hot bath my arms feel better than they have in a year.

I have no idea how it works, but it does. Thank you SO much for helping me combat a repetitive stress injury that was causing psychological as well as physical problems. Also thank you for your tremendous phone support and tolerance of my questions...."

Paul T. - Westbank, British Columbia, Canada


...I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with this product. I am very impressed at the speed of delivery. I am so glad I found your web site. Since purchasing this product I have had remarkable relief from the tennis elbow problem. I had previously had treatment via steroid injections and physiotherapy both of which gave me temporary relief.

Your cream has done more for me in the last 7 days than I have had in the last 4 years of treatment. I have recommended it to several of my friends and family who also suffer some pain due to arthritis. I have to be honest and say that I really didn't believe that a jar of cream could make such a difference. I carry it with me everywhere and whenever the pain gets too much I use the cream.

I want to thank you so much for making me enjoy a pain free night of sleep. I kept waking up with pains in both of my elbows and numb fingers. I have cancelled my operation for carpal tunnel as I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my right hand.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful cream to ease my aches and pains..."

Terry B. - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA


"...I have tried at least 25 other types of this product. Arnica gel is nice and cool but doesn't last. Penetrex contains all great ingredients (I have been allergic to most), and I just can't believe I found a product that alleviates my torso pain, so that I can breathe without pain all the time.

If you're in pain, please do yourself a favor and try it ... I really put a good layer on it (only used two-thirds of a jar so far ... it goes a long way), and I can feel it working its way through my skin into my bones.

Glad I got a reminder to leave a review ... I need to order two more jars! This stuff is a miracle for me! I have wasted so much money on other products ... I purchased several other types on Amazon at the same time ... I returned them and will order more Penetrex!

Even if you're not a chronic pain patient, this would be awesome for sore muscles, shoulders, anything! Thanks for a great product! If you ever come up with a shake I can drink, I'll buy that too! I am so happy with this product, I still can't believe how much it helps me!..."

Kimberle G. - Dale City, Virginia, USA


"...Penetrex worked as advertised on the severe "tennis elbow" that had been plaguing me for over a year.

No other products proved as effective in relieving the inflammation. Penetrex thoroughly reduced the pain and has allowed me to begin recovering from the atrophy suffered from being unable to exercise the surrounding muscles.

Penetrex also relieved a mild to medium case of plantar fascia developed after stepping up training for a local road race.

I'm thrilled to report the same experience as that enjoyed with my strained elbow - the pain was quickly eliminated allowing me to continue with my running.

Effective product!..."

Steve K. - Santa Clara, California, USA



Steve M. - Queensland, Australia


"...I loved CT Cream, and I love this product. Both work within minutes to stop tingling and pain in wrists as well as elbows (tennis elbow). Furthermore, when I get a migraine aura I can sometimes completely stop the headache from coming on if I immediately rub this cream from my hands to my elbows. Nothing else like it -- I have looked for a decade..."



"...Prompt service. Good product. Recommended..."

Ruth Marie C. - Troy, Michigan, USA


"...great product and the service was fast!!..."

Dave W. - Chula Vista, California, USA


"...I was a bit skeptical at first but followed the directions in a couple weeks really started to feel some relief.

I'm obviously doing other things to relive tennis elbow (fishing elbow in my case) discomfort but I attribute much of the relief to Penetrex.

If you're in doubt just get some and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.



"...I enjoyed talking with you tonight. I was delighted, when compared to most "customer service" to find someone interested in talking about the product and extremely knowledgeable about the entire story of Penetrex.

As I told you, I've become the unofficial marketer of Penetrex at my tennis facility. As a five times weekly player, I've had my own painful experiences that Penetrex relieved in good order. So of course I became a more than satisfied customer who happily recommended it to fellow sufferers. All with good results.

I am so confident of the benefits of Penetrex because my tennis elbow situation had become unbearable when I finally discovered Penetrex. In just under three weeks I was completely relieved of the excruciating tennis elbow pain. And, became an enthusiastic advocate for my friends in their various maladies..."

Charles K . - Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA


"...will order more! i am allergic to most of these creams, but this one is awesome! i have fibro, etc., and this is the best product i've found!..."

Kimberle G. - Dale City, Virginia, USA


"...This product is awesome, My son has shin splints and this cream is the only thing that has worked, I also found it works with arthritis, sore muscles, quick and it doesnt burn or smell. I love it and highly recomend this..."

Mike A. - Newberry, Michigan, USA


"...I guess my arms are big because I had tried several sites to buy an arm band to help with my tennis elbow soreness. All of the bands were too small so I opted to try the penetrex cream as I liked the idea of repairing the problem, not the symptoms.

I ordered the cream and it arrived in a timely manner, especially for Alaska. I tried it as soon as I got home. It worked the very first time! What is with that? I mean it, the pain I had been working with for about two weeks was gone just like that.

I used it the next day again like the directions said but didn't use it anymore as my arm felt good..."

Dale M. - Unalaska, Alaska, USA


"...Seems to be working-FAST Shipping..."

Thomas G. - Torrington, Connecticut, USA


"...Fast delivery. Great product, it actually works..."

Linda S. - Cave Junction, Oregon, USA


"...This product works amazingly well for my carpel tunnel which is aggravated by playing guitar. Rather than masking the problem with a smelly burning menthol sensation, Penetrex really seems to relieve the underlying problem. It may be pricey but a little goes a long way..."

Peter F. - Richmond, Virginia, USA


"...sufro de codo de tenista y desde que comence a usar Penetrex hace 3 semanas , senti la mejoria de forma instantanea, no tengo que ponerme tanta cantidad para que funciones y se disuelve en la piel facilmente.Simplemente lo recomiendo!!!!..."

Hector G. - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


"...I just started using the cream, but in a few days I feel improvement of my shoulder and knee. Great product, thank you!..."

Barna K. - Hollywood, Florida, USA


"...Super Fast delivery great product Great ebayer highly recommend A+++++..."

Samantha S. - Craignish, Australia


"...What a great product! My pinky felt cramped when i wrote by hand for too long. This seems to have fixed that problem allowing me to write for longer. It really works, and you don't have to keep applying it. After a while the fix becomes permanent!..."

Eric G. - Spring Valley, New York, USA


"...I bought this about a couple of weeks ago. To all those suffering from pain - try it, it does work. The relief is almost instantaneous.

I am a cyclist and cycling comes with its own pains and suffering, like the wonderfully painful experience of IT Band pain and quad and lower leg pain.

I have tried this cream on all of these pains, and the great part about this cream is that it seems to help with the Inflammation and not just the pain.

So I highly recommend this. Hope it works for you, it seems to be working for me so far..."

Sunil A. - Frisco, Texas, USA



Delan B. - Sumas, Washington, USA


"...Bought Penetrex to treat pain on my forearm. I play both tennis and raquetball and have developed tennis elbow over the last few months.

Used the product before and after my workout for about 10 days now and my arm feels substantially better. I can now put some power on my one hand backhand shot!

Strongly recommend it..."

Michael F. - Lowell, Massachusetts, USA


"...It appears to be working ! A1 very happy .Will get some more..."

Dave C. - Staffordshire, United Kingdom


"...Makes an instant difference applying this cream for tennis elbow, thanks..."

Tony Z. - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom


"...I tried the product on my tennis elbow and I had positive results.

I have been playing racquetball lately and developed tennis elbow. For any of you that have dealt with this you know how painful this is.

I used the product as directed and after approximately 1 week I started to notice results. The key is continued usage until the problem is gone.

After my elbow started to feel better I stopped using the creme. Bring on the pain. Now I am back on Penetrex and my problems are fading away.

This time I will use the product until my pain is completely gone. Use this with ibuprofen (Advil) and / or naproxen (Aleve) and you will do even better..."

Kevin R. - Moorpark, California, USA


"...Quick delivery and product seems to work. Thanks..."

Mark S. - Carlisle North, Western Australia


"...I am a retired dentist living in Florida and I developed tendonitis playing golf three weeks ago. After getting discouraged putting ice packs on it, I saw your advertisement on the internet.

After using the product Penetrex for just one day, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to find that a great deal of the pain has gone away. It's now another day later and I virtually have no pain at all.

I am thrilled. My son in law, who is currently visiting me, is a physician and he has put some on his shoulder. It also helped him. He's planning on recommending it to his patients when he gets back to Philadelphia and telling them how to order it..."

Dr. Marvin F. - Naples, Florida, USA


"...Thanks! good creme I see progress in my healing..."

Manchester Home Improvement - USA


"...I bought this product with the notion that it would work like most products of this type, usually not at all. My son and I both tried it for the first time. Me on my shoulder, my son on his shins.

When we got together we both noted a significant improvement. Actually, I don't even feel any pain right now. I woke up sore from golf, and put it on, a few hours later, no pain! Just day one, but I am very encouraged so far..."

Doug M. - Wooster, Ohio, USA


"...Great service,Thank you this is a miracle cream,feel difference after first use!..."

Frank N. - Highland, United Kingdom


"...I've had persistent elbow tendonitis in both my arms for years now -- all thanks to poor computer ergonomics. This last year, I've been working hard and trying everything to cure it.

Penetrex feels very soothing when applied, absorbs easily and does not stain clothes or smell bad. It's not a miracle cure, but it does seem to help with the inflammation and muscle tension.

I've found it to be much more soothing than the cheaper arnica gel sold at my local health food store. It's portable and easy to use and a good addition to my treatment plan..."

Carey O. - Eugene, Oregon, USA


" works..."

Kevin R. - Park Ridge, New Jersey, USA


"...Fantastic product! This is my 4th order for friends and family. Thank you+++++++..."

Gina S. - Surrey, United Kingdom


"...I have used this three different times over a three-year period and it has always greatly relieved pain or taken it completely away within three uses...less than 24 hours! It's amazing stuff..."

C. Taylor - Glendora, California USA


"...good service nice item after a couple of days elbow feels better already thanks..."

Alan R. - Kinsman, Ohio, USA


"...Penetrex is everything it is advertised to be... I use it for carpal tunnel and tendonitis with very satisfactory results... in my opinion the company rates AAA+ for its great product and outstanding customer service..."

George D. - Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA


"...good product so far i will purchase again..."

Martin B. - Zabbar, Malta


"...A+ works a treat..."

Paul H. - Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


"...Learning to play guitar in my later years, I was especially cautious to stretch and warm up before playing. I'd heard too many horror stories about players developing tendinitis and having to severely limit or stop their playing altogether.

Well, the day finally came when I forgot to stretch before an extended session, and the next day I felt like I'd torn something in my left forearm. I had to stop playing for about six weeks, but worse, the pain never really completely has gone away.

My brother-in-law looked online and ran across Penetrex, and he sent me the link. If Penetrex worked half as good as it sounded, it would be worth it. I had my order filled in about three days.

I started applying a small dab directly on the sore area once or twice a day. After about four days I thought I started noticing the pain diminishing, and by the fifth day I was sure it had decreased. In no more than a week or so, I was able to play again for extended periods, and have often been pain-free for days at a time.

For me, Penetrex worked exactly as advertised. I didn't expect instant results, and I was very pleased with the results achieved in a matter of a few days. And the 2 oz. jar of Penetrex lasted me a year of regular use.

I strongly recommend to anyone who suffers from tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, sore shoulders, etc., that they give Penetrex a try..."

Ken R. - Los Angeles, California, USA


"...great product works great...4th pot brought for tennis elbow cured..."

Wayne W. - Surrey, United Kingdom


"...I recently placed my first order for Penetrex. I have been suffering from Sciatica for several months and nothing I have tried has given me any relief...until I tried Penetrex.

My pain was intensified by the Bursitis in my hips. On the second day of applying Penetrex 3-4 times I could feel the muscles begin to relax and the electric shocks running down my leg almost stopped.

The burning pain in my hips has also subsided. It has now been a week and for the first time in months, I can walk without pain. I can also cut back on the pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds that wreak havoc with my stomach.

Thank you for this great product! I can now enjoy my summer activities without excruciating pain!

I am also ordering extra for my friend and mom that suffer from plantar fasciitis. I firmly believe they will find relief with Penetrex, as well!..."

Teresa D. - Clackamas, Oregon, USA


"...Fast delivery, great product, thanks..."

Jeremy G. - Guildford, United Kingdom


"...quick delivery, seems to work!..."

Simon L. - West Midlands, United Kingdom


" cream ive used,elbows feel alot better just after a days use,many thanks..."

Karl S. - Northumberland, United Kingdom


"...I debated on whether or not to buy this product. I finally decided why not. You won't know if it works if you don't give it a try.

I have a form of tennis elbow but I have pain mostly in my forearm and when I wake up in the mornings, the arm is heavy and stiff. I have been using the product for 3 weeks now and I do feel a difference.

I started out with 4 times per day and now I'm at 2-3 times per day. Some of the stiffness is gone when I get up in the morning. Maybe the massaging for 1-2 minutes is helping some too. I just know the arm feels better.

I plan to keep using the cream and I'll keep my fingers crossed that all the pain will go away..."

Jackie B. - Brownsville, Tennessee, USA



Allen G. - Alpharetta, Georgia, USA


"...exellent product recomended..."

Grant H. - London, United Kingdom


"...After reading positive reviews online about this product I decided to give it a try since nothing else was helping the pain in my elbow and forearm muscles.

I have always been sceptical of over the counter pain ointments but this one really worked for me. After using Penetrex for a little over two weeks the pain and stiffness in my elbow and forearm muscles was almost gone.

After 4 weeks I felt like new. I reordered another jar in order to have some available in case of future muscle strains or pains..."

Ellis M. - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"...quick delivery..good product a++++..."

Gillian H. - Lancashire, United Kingdom


"...product seems to work, fast shipping thanks. AAA+++..."

Darryle T. - Kamloops, Canada


"...Thank you for the fast shipping and great product!..."

Raenell. M. - Houston, Texas, USA



"...I have tried a bunch of things for the typical aches and pains of the "weekend warrior" syndrome and I can safely say that Penetrex was a big surprise in how quickly and how well it worked.

I had a bad case of tennis elbow last year (actually from playing tennis!) and was getting really desperate to find something that would take away the pain and inflammation. I tried ice packs and compression bandages and nothing gave me long-term relief.

I finally Googled tennis elbow and saw this stuff and thought "why not?" especially given the relatively low price. Well, I followed the directions and after two weeks the elbow was much better.

Now I use it from time to time when I have a sore elbow or knees or back and it really helps. Not all of my tennis partners have gotten relief from it, but the ones who have been diligent and followed directions (i.e., been patient!) have really liked it..."

David L. - Delmar, New York, USA




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